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News and Highlights from Roberto's group

First MOONS camera delivered and mounted[read more]



Knighthood for Roberto Maiolino [read more]



Dr Renske Smit wins The 2018 MERAC Prize for the Best Doctoral Thesis in Observational Astrophysics [read more]



Earliest galaxies in the Universe’s history spun like the Milky Way [read more]

Earliest Galaxies in the Universe’s History Spun like the Milky Way

Member of the Research Group wins Best PhD Thesis Prize [read more]

Discovery of Stars Forming in Galactic Winds [read more]

Discovery of Stars Forming in Galactic Winds

Roberto Maiolino awarded ERC Advanced Grant [read more]


Planning starts for HIRES @ E-ELT [read more @ STFC, ESO]


A Proof that some Galaxies are LIERs [read more]

ALMA Witnesses Assembly of Galaxies in the Early Universe for the First Time [read more]

 assembly of galaxies in the early universe

Cause of galactic death: strangulation [read more]



Galactic ‘hailstorm’ in the early Universe [read more]

First Results from SDSS-IV MaNGA [read more]


MOONS approved as next generation spectrometer for the Very Large Telescope [read more]

The dependence of the mass-metallicity relation on environment and the implied metallicity of the IGM [read more]


Detection of massive molecular outflows and evidence for AGN feedback [read more]


A strongly lensed starburst galaxy, revealed by the South Pole Telescope and ALMA [read more]



NIRSpec, the JWST multi-object spectrometer, delivered to NASA [read more]