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Meeting Programme




Tuesday,  April 12


Morning session

09:00-10:00 Registration


Introductory talks

P. Alexander

Science Data Processor Overview

R. Bolton


M. Jones

SKA-mid sensitivity

K. Grainge

Signal and Data Transport for the SKA 

M. Jarvis

MIGHTEE – the MeerKAT medium deep survey current status and plans

A. Onose

Primal-dual algorithms for next-generation radio-interferometric imaging


Afternoon session

Continuum Imaging and Cosmology

B. Nikolić

The SKA Imaging and Calibration Challenge

W. Williams

Deep continuum imaging with LOFAR

J. Sabater 

Calibration of low-frequency radio astronomy data on cloud infrastructures 

S. Goldman

Maser discoveries with the SKA 

I. Harrison

Data and Analysis Requirements for Precision Cosmology with Radio Weak Lensing

A. Pourtsidou

Synergy between intensity mapping, optical galaxy, and CMB surveys

M. Tarr

Weak lensing in the radio regime

Plenary discussion: “Challenges faced by SDP for imaging”


Wednesday, April 13


Morning session (starts at 09:30)

A. Bridger

Observation Management in the SKA Observatory

Time series data

R. Lyon

Machine Learning and Science Data Processing 

A. Karastergiou

Pulsar science with the SKA

Discussion of SDP issues in time-series data

Fast imaging for slow transients

A. Rushton

Hunting explosive events with the SKA

C. Mundell

Fast Radio Transients in the SKA Era

K. Mooley

Wide-field and Near-Real-Time Surveys for Radio Transient Search

Discussion of SDP issues in fast imaging


Afternoon session

Break-out discussions

Epoch of reionisation

E. Chapman

The EoR Pipeline

M. Haehnelt

21cm prediction in reionization models calibrated with Lya forest data

Discussion of SDP issues in EoR

B. Mann

Computational synergies between SKA and LSST

Plenary discussion: “Requirements of Regional Centres”



End time of the meeting on April 13 will be 17:30 at the latest

This talk schedule will be updated with more detailed information closer to the meeting 

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