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Cm-wave Radio Astronomy and Novel Sensors

Group statement

We work on radio experiments for m- and cm-wave radio astronomy with a special focus on the study of the cosmic history of Hydrogen (eg. Cosmic Dawn and Epoch of Re-ionization). We also develop sensor systems for different radio instruments: SKA, HERA, RAPID. Our research activity is currently focused on the development and scientific exploitation of a Global EoR experiment (REACH: Radio Experiment for the Analysis of Cosmic Hydrogen) and the design of hardware as well as algorithms and electromagnetic modelling for cm-wave radio astronomy and communications. 

If you are interested in doing research in these areas, please visit our Graduate Research Opportunities web pages. 

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Principal Investigator 

Dr Eloy de Lera Acedo

Working on: 21-cm cosmology experiments

Projects: SKA, REACH, HERA, FastCu


Postdocs and fellows

Dr Quentin Gueuning

Working on: Telescope calibration; EM modelling; Antenna design 

Projects: SKA, REACH


Dr Ergin Dinc

Working on: Surface wave launchers; Synergies between ultra fast digital communications and radio astrophysics

Projects: FastCu



Dr Syed Bukhari

Working on: Surface wave launchers; Synergies between ultra fast digital communications and radio astrophysics

Projects: FastCu

**Start date: October 2019**


Dr Anas Moshin (Royal society fellow)

Working on: Ultra fast digital communications over copper pairs

Projects: FastCu


PhD students

Mr Nicolas Fagnoni (STFC/Newton funding)

Working on: EM modelling; Antenna design

Projects: HERA, REACH


Mr John Cumner (EPSRC funding)

Working on: Synergies between ultra fast digital communications and radio astrophysics; EM modelling; Antenna design

Projects: FastCu, REACH


Mr Alec Josaitis (HERA funding)

Working on: Telescope commissioning and calibration

Projects: HERA, REACH


Mr Dominic Anstey (STFC funding)

Working on: Bayesian analysis for Global 21-cm experiments

Projects: REACH


Mr Harry Bevins (STFC funding)

Working on: Data analysis for Global 21-cm experiments; Foreground modelling

Projects: REACH

**Start date: October 2019**


MPhil students

Ms Yu-Hsuan Shen

Working on: Calibration and analysis

Projects: REACH

**Start date: September 2019** 


Past group members

Dr Edgar Colin-Beltran, research fellow INOAE, Mexico (2013-2015)

Mr Jens Abraham, research assistant (2015-2017)

Dr Hardie Pienaar, postdoctoral research associate (2017-2018)

Dr Christos Kolitsidas, visiting student (KTH Stockholm - 2017)

Ms Nausika Memeletzoglou, visiting student (UC3M Madrid - 2019) 


Other Cavendish Astrophysics researchers collaborating with the group

Prof. Paul Alexander (Director of Battcock Centre for Experimental Astrophysics)

Prof. Roberto Maiolino (Director of the Kavli Institute for Cosmology in Cambridge)

Prof. Richard Hills (Emeritus Professor of Radio Astronomy)

Dr. Chris Carilli (Director of research)

Dr. Bojan Nikolic (Principal Research Associate)

Dr. Nima Razavi-Ghods (Principal Research Associate)

Dr. Andrew J. Faulkner (Principal Research Associate)

Dr. Will Handley (Research Fellow - Gonville & Caius College)


SKA Pre-AAVS1 array at Cambridge

Fig. 1. Prototype SKA1-LOW array at the MRAO, Cambridge. 


SKA MFAA prototype at Cambridge

Fig. 2. Prototype SKA AA-Mid array at the MRAO, Cambridge. 


3-dish HERA system at Lords Bridge, Cambridge

Fig. 3. Prototype HERA system at the MRAO, Cambridge. 

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