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Cm-wave Technology and Novel Sensors

We develop experiments and sensor systems for different radio instruments: SKA, HERA, RAPID. Our research activity is currently focused on the development of hardware as well as algorithms and electromagnetic modelling for cm-wave radio astronomy as well as novel sensors based on new materials such as Graphene. In the last few years we worked on the design and development of the SKALA antenna, the electromagnetic sensor for the SKA-LOW telescope.

If you are interested in doing research in these areas, please visit our Graduate Research Opportunities web pages. 

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SKA Pre-AAVS1 array at Cambridge

Fig. 1. Prototype SKA-LOW array at the MRAO, Cambridge. 


SKA MFAA prototype at Cambridge

Fig. 2. Prototype SKA AA-Mid array at the MRAO, Cambridge. 


3-dish HERA system at Lords Bridge, Cambridge

Fig. 3. Prototype HERA system at the MRAO, Cambridge.