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Cm-wave Radio Astronomy and Novel Sensors

We develop novel radio experiments for m- and cm-wave radio astronomy with a special focus on the study of the cosmic history of Hydrogen (eg. Cosmic Dawn and Epoch of Re-ionization). We also develop sensor systems for different radio instruments: SKA, HERA, RAPID. Our research activity is currently focused on the development and operation of a Global EoR experiment (REACH: Radio Experiment for the Analysis of Cosmic Hydrogen) and the design of hardware as well as algorithms and electromagnetic modelling for cm-wave radio astronomy.

If you are interested in doing research in these areas, please visit our Graduate Research Opportunities web pages. 

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SKA Pre-AAVS1 array at Cambridge

Fig. 1. Prototype SKA1-LOW array at the MRAO, Cambridge. 


SKA MFAA prototype at Cambridge

Fig. 2. Prototype SKA AA-Mid array at the MRAO, Cambridge. 


3-dish HERA system at Lords Bridge, Cambridge

Fig. 3. Prototype HERA system at the MRAO, Cambridge.