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The Seventh Cambridge (7C) Survey of Radio Sources

The main 7C survey at 151 MHz with resolution 70×70 cosec(declination) arcsec2 (EW×NS) covers a large part of the northern hemisphere above declination 30°, excluding the Galactic plane.There is now a final unified non-redundant catalogue for this main survey in ASCII format together with a CDS-style ReadMe file, both available here. The catalogue has been constructed from the 100 or so survey fields analysed in the series of papers detailed below. The sensitivity of the survey is not uniform so, as well as describing the data format, the ReadMe file gives some guidance on the limiting flux density and completeness of each of the individual catalogues from these contributing fields.

For details see: Hales S.E.G., Riley J.M., Waldram E.M., Warner P.J., Baldwin J.E., 2007. MNRAS, 382, 1639

Two important points to note

  • The area quoted in this paper is an approximate estimate only.
  •  The sensitivity, and hence the completeness, vary significantly over the catalogue.

Note that there are completely separate 7C catalogues for the Northern Galactic Plane 7C(G) and for the lower-resolution LOW-DEC 7C survey (see below).

The individual 7C source lists used in the construction of the main catalogue are available here at MRAO in a standardised format;  you can retrieve all of them here, or single sections from the link beside each section below.

Caveat !   Journal tables retrievable from the data centres and via the literature reference links listed below are in the same format as printed in the journal (where applicable), which in some cases will be non-standard with respect to the overall survey.

Regions surveyed at resolution 70×70 cosec(dec) arsec2, ftp accesses standardised data:


Surveyed at resolution 108 x 108cosec(dec) arcsec2 and with its own standard format:

Julia Riley/MRAO, Cambridge/
Sally Hales/MRAO, Cambridge/
Elizabeth Waldram/MRAO, Cambridge/