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Cavendish Astrophysics



The David and Bridget Jacob Internship Programme 2022

The Cavendish Laboratory and the Institute of Astronomy recognise with deep gratitude the support of Mr David and Mrs Bridget Jacob and their establishment of The David and Bridget Jacob Internship Programme. The Programme will support one 4 - 10 week summer internship placement, alternating annually between Cavendish Astrophysics and the Institute of Astronomy. The student should be from a non-Oxbridge higher-education institution within the UK, and should be between their penultimate and final year of undergraduate study.

In summer 2022, applications are sought for a placement within Cavendish Astrophysics. The Cavendish Laboratory actively supports equity and inclusion and value diversity. We encourages applications from all sections of society, in particular from under-represented groups. We particularly welcome applicants who have not yet had the opportunity to demonstrate their full potential, because of particular social or personal circumstances.

In order to widen participation in the Physical Sciences, the programme is open to students currently studying for an undergraduate degree in a non-Oxford or Cambridge higher-education institution within the UK. Students should be between their penultimate and final year of undergraduate study.

We encourage applications for this placement in any of the following broad areas:

  • Dr Annelies Mortier (Exoplanet science, Exoplanet characterisation through transits and radial velocity date (using HARPS-N, CHEOPS, and K2 measurements); Solar activity studies using stabilised radial velocity measurements; Radial velocity extraction and profile fitting starting from high-resolution spectra.
  • Dr Eloy de Lera Acedo (Radio Cosmology, Data analysis of the 21-cm line from atomic Hydrogen using the REACH experiment: can we detect the first light of the Universe?
  • Prof David Buscher (Optical/infrared instrumentation for astronomy, Computation- and laboratory-based projects targeting the design, construction and testing of innovative optical instruments.
  • Dr Will Handley (Bayesian inference and machine learning, Computational projects in Bayesian inference and Machine learning with applications to cosmological and particle physics data analysis.

Students with interest in any of the above areas who meet the criteria for The David and Bridget Jacob Internship Programme are encouraged to apply by Fri 4th March 2022, after which time selection will take place through interview. Selection will be based on academic merit, and on knowledge and experience relevant to the projects listed above. A one-page expression of interest, together with contact details, an up-to-date CV and any brief supporting material should be sent to by the deadline.

The successful candidate will receive a ca. £250 per week subsistence payment, will be supported in accessing accommodation in Cambridge, and will be encouraged to experience all that Cambridge has to offer during their internship. The exact length of the internship would be settled in discussion between the candidate and the Lead Researcher of the project.


For those not eligible to apply for the David and Bridget Jacob Internship Programme:

The Astrophysics Group rarely offers summer placements. However, if you are from the UK or EU and wish to apply for a placement, please send your CV to We cannot guarantee any placements, but will forward applications to staff members to see if they are able to offer positions.