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Who are we?


Who are we?


We are a collaboration of researchers from Cambridge University (Cavendish Astrophysics and KICC) and Stellenbosch University. The wider collaboration includes participation from Rhodes University/INAF, Imperial college, AIP, UcL Belgium, University of Sussex, Oxford University, University of Malta, University of Groningen and TIFR India. The project is also supported by the NRF/SARAO.


Project participants

- Cambridge University (Cavendish Astrophysics/KICC):

Eloy de Lera Acedo (Project Principal Investigator, PRA)

Paul Alexander (Prof, head of Battcock centre)

Roberto Maiolino (Prof, head of KICC)

Chris Carilli (Director of Research)

Bojan Nikolic (PRA)

Will Handley (Research fellow)

Nima Razavi-Ghods (PRA)

Quentin Gueuning (Postdoc)

Tian Huang (Postdoc)

Steve Carey (Research assistant) 

Dominic Anstey (PhD student)

John Cumner (PhD student)

Nicolas Fagnoni (PhD student)

Alec Josaitis (PhD student)

Nafsika Memeletzoglou (visiting PhD student, UC3M)

Ian Roque (PhD student)

Christos Kolitsidas (Research engineer, Ericsson)

Richard Hills (Prof)

- Imperial College:

Jonathan Pritchard (Reader)

- Leibniz-Institut für Astrophysik Potsdam (AIP)

Ewald Buchwein (Faculty)

- Oxford University:

Kris Zarb Adami (PRA, Prof U Malta)

Ricardo Chiello (Postdoc)

- Rhodes University:

Gianni Bernardi (Senior Researcher, INAF)

Oleg Smirnov (Prof)

- Stellenbosch University:

Dirk de Villiers (Project co-PI, Prof)

Brandt Klopper (Postdoc)


Girish Kulkarni (Reader)

- UcL Belgium:

Christophe Craeye (Prof)

Jean Cavillot (PhD student)

- University of Groningen:

Daan Meerburg (Faculty)

- University of Malta:

Alessio Magro (Senior lecturer)

Iman Ferhat (postdoc)

- University of Sussex:

Anastasia Fialkov (Research fellow)


* Institutions are sorted in alphabetical order.