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Cavendish Astrophysics



Who are we?

We are a collaboration of researchers from across the World, with main participation from Cambridge University (Cavendish Astrophysics, KICC and the IoA) and Stellenbosch University. 


Project participants in 2023



- Cambridge University (Cavendish Astrophysics/KICC/IoA):

E. de Lera Acedo (Project Principal Investigator and chair of board, Faculty)

A. Fialkov (Theory WP lead, Faculty)

W. Handley (Data analysis WP lead, Research fellow)

D. Molnar (Instrumentation WP lead, Postdoc)

H. Bevins (Research fellow)

D. Anstey (Postdoc)

J. Cumner (Postdoc)

Q. Gueuning (Postdoc)

S. Dasgupta (PhD student)

S. Leeney (PhD student)

J. Pattison (PhD student)

J. Dhandha (PhD student)

K. Artuc (PhD student)

C. Kirkham (PhD student)

S. Pochinda (PhD student)

E. Shen (PhD student)

K. Scheutwinkel (PhD student)

T. Gessey-Jones (PhD student)

R. Patel (Research assistant)

P. Scott (Emeritus)

S. Carey (Volunteer) 

*A. Challinor (Board member, Faculty)

- Eidgenössische Technische Hochschule (ETH) Zürich, Switzerland:

Marta Spinelli (Postdoc)

- Imperial College, UK:

J. Pritchard (Faculty)

Y. Ignatov (PhD student)

- INAF, Italy:

G. Bernardi (Senior Researcher, also Rhodes)

- Leibniz-Institut für Astrophysik Potsdam (AIP), Germany:

E. Puchwein (Faculty)

- McGill University / ASU, USA:

P. Sims (Research fellow)

M. Pagano (Postdoc)

- Oxford University, UK:

K. Zarb Adami (SRA, Faculty at University of Malta)

- Rhodes University, South Africa:

O. Smirnov (Faculty)

S. Stanbury (PhD student)

- Stellenbosch University, South Africa:

D. de Villiers (Project co-PI and board member, Faculty)

S. Pegwall (Site and HW commissioning WP lead, Postdoc)

W. Croukamp (Mechanical engineer)

C. Pieterse (PhD student)

- TIFR, India:

G. Kulkarni (Faculty)

S. Mittal (PhD student)

- UcL Belgium, Belgium:

C. Craeye (Faculty)

J. Cavillot (PhD student)

- University of Groningen, The Netherlands:

D. Meerburg (Faculty)

A. Saxena (PhD student)

- University of Malta, Malta:

A. Magro (Digital system WP lead, Faculty)

- Université Paris 7, France:

M. Bucher (Faculty)


* Institutions are sorted in alphabetical order.