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Cavendish Astrophysics


The following software packages have been developed by members of the Cavendish Astrophysics Group, and are made available here:

Software for Cosmology

  • Bambi Blind Accelerated Multimodal Bayesian Inference code.
  • Bayes-X Bayesian Inference of X-ray Observations of Galaxy Clusters
  • CosmoClust clustered nested sampling: efficent Bayesian inference for cosmology.
  • CosmoNet accelerated cosmological parameter estimation using neural networks.
  • MADCOW maximum likelihood estimation of CMB power spectrum from interferometer observation
  • MultiNest multimodal nested sampling for efficient and robust Bayesian inference.
  • NP-CAMB provides a modification to CAMB to allow a Node-based primordial power spectrum.
  • SkyNet neural network training code for machine learning.

Software for Optical Interferometry

  • The OIFITS page contains links to software for reading and manipulating the optical interferometry common data format.
  • BSMEM image reconstruction for optical interferometry.