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Cavendish Astrophysics



REACH journal papers in arXiv


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REACH-related journal papers (describing techniques expected to be applied in REACH) authored by REACH collaborators


  1. H. T. J. Bevins, E. de Lera Acedo, A. Fialkov, W. J. Handley, S. Singh, R. Subrahmanyan, R. Barkana, “A Comprehensive Bayesian re-analysis of the SARAS2 data from the Epoch of Reionization”,, MNRAS 2022.


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  1. Harry Bevins, Will Handley, Pablo Lemos, Peter Sims, Eloy de Lera Acedo, Anastasia Fialkov, “Marginal Bayesian Statistics Using Masked Autoregressive Flows and Kernel Density Estimators with Examples in Cosmology”,, MaxEnt22 2022.


  1. Harry T. J. Bevins, William J. Handley, Pablo Lemos, Peter H. Sims, Eloy de Lera Acedo, Anastasia Fialkov, Justin Alsing, “Removing the fat from your posterior samples with margarine”,, 2022.


Public memo series


  1. E. de Lera Acedo, REACH conference paper (ICEAA 2019).
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