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Edward Higson

Edward Higson
Room K14,
Kavli Institute for Cosmology,
c/o Institute of Astronomy,
Madingley Road

Cambridge CB3 0HA
Office Phone: +44 (0)1223 760796


2015 - Present: PhD in Physics, University of Cambridge. Supervisors: Prof. Anthony Lasenby and Prof. Mike Hobson.

2011 - 2015: MPhys in Physics, University of Oxford.

Research Interests

I am a third year PhD student working on Bayesian inference and machine learning methods, and their applications in astrophysics and cosmology. Recently my research has focused on nested sampling, Bayesian compressed sensing and neural networks. I created the dynamic nested sampling algorithm, a generalisation of nested sampling can significantly improve efficiency, and am the author of the dyPolyChord, nestcheck and perfectns packages.


Part III Relativistic Astrophysics and Cosmology

Part II General Relativity

Part IB Statistics (maths tripos) 


Key Publications

Diagnostic Tests for Nested Sampling Calculations, E. Higson, W. Handley, M. Hobson and A. Lasenby, 2018, arXiv:1804.06406

Towards a framework for testing general relativity with extreme-mass-ratio-inspiral observations, A. Chua, S. Hee, W. Handley, E. Higson, C. Moore, J. Gair, M. Hobson, A. Lasenby, 2018, MNRAS

Dynamic nested sampling: an improved algorithm for parameter estimation and evidence calculation, E. Higson, W. Handley, M. Hobson and A. Lasenby, 2017, arXiv:1704.03459

Sampling errors in nested sampling parameter estimation, E. Higson, W. Handley, M. Hobson and A. Lasenby, 2018, Bayesian Analysis

Demonstration of laser pulse amplification by stimulated Brillouin scattering, E Guillaume, K Humphrey, H Nakamura, RMGM Trines, R Heathcote, M Galimberti, Y Amano, D Doria, G Hicks, E Higson, et al., 2014, High Power Laser Science and Engineering

The effect of phase front deformation on the growth of the filamentation instability in laser-plasma interactions, E. Higson, R. Trines et al., 2013, New Journal of Physics