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Maximilian N. Günther

Maximilian N. Günther

PhD Student, Cavendish Astrophysics Group


Room F07
Battcock Centre for Experimental Astrophysics,
Cavendish Laboratory,
JJ Thomson Avenue

Cambridge CB3 0HE
Office Phone: +44 (0)1223 337364


Following my physics undergraduate education at the University Würzburg, I focused on astrophysics for my Bachelor's Thesis in the multi-wavelength group of Prof. Dr. Matthias Kadler. Subsequently, I went on to expand my horizon towards biophysics, and joined the group of Prof. Dr. George Shubeita at the University of Austin at Texas. During my Master’s Thesis I developed a mathematical model furthering our understanding of animal models of genetic diseases like Alzheimer's and Fragile X.

In my PhD, I finally combined the two the fields of astro- and biophysics. Since 2014 I have been working under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Didier Queloz in the exciting field of exoplanets, collaborating with scientists world wide. My research is focused on the Next Generation Transit Survey, a new ground-based array of telescopes on the hunt for Neptune-sized exoplanets.

Research Interests

Habitability & Origin of life
Transiting Exoplanets
Eclipsing Binaries
Bayesian Statistics
Machine Learning
Big Data

Key Publications

  • Bayliss, D. et al. incl. Günther, M.N., 2017, NGTS-1b: a hot Jupiter transiting an M-dwarf, in press
  • Wheatley, P. et al. incl. Günther, M.N., 2017, The Next Generation Transit Survey (NGTS), in press
  • Günther, M.N. et al., 2017, Centroid vetting of transiting planet candidates from the Next Generation Transit Survey, MNRAS, 472 (1): 295-307
  • Günther, M.N. et al., 2017, A New Yield Simulator for Transiting Planets and False Positives: Application to the Next Generation Transit Survey, MNRAS, 465 (3): 3379-3389
  • West, R. et al. incl. Günther, M.N., 2016, The Next Generation Transit Survey Becomes Operational at Paranal, The Messenger, 165: 10-12 (co-author)
  • Demory, B.-O. et al. incl. Günther, M.N., 2015, Hubble Space Telescope search for the transit of the Earth-mass exoplanet Alpha Centauri B b, MNRAS, 450 (2): 2043-2051 (co-author)

Other Publications

  • Günther, M.N. et al., 2016, Quantifying and predicting Drosophila larvae crawling phenotypes, Nature Scientific Reports, 6: 27972