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Cavendish Astrophysics

~~ Areas of interest ~~
Gauge theories of gravity
Hamiltonian formulation of gravity
Horndeski theory
Cosmological tensions
Gravitational energy localisation


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My research is presently focused on the Hamiltonian structure of gravitational gauge theories, i.e. generalisations of Einstein's general relativity (GR) to include torsion, non-metricity and scale-invariance. The Hamiltonian formulation can further constrain such theories which are apparently ghost-free and causal.

My talk at the CfH conference covers some previous work from this year:

I have separate interests in the BBGKY hierarchy (though not in a gauge gravity context), cosmological tensions and neural networks.

I have previously worked on gravitational energy localisation and gravitoelectromagnetism in GR.


Key publications: 

Mapping Poincaré gauge cosmology to Horndeski theory for emergent dark energy

Systematic study of background cosmology in unitary Poincaré gauge theories with application to emergent dark radiation and H0 tension

Static energetics in gravity

Other publications: 

Rotation of inertial frames by angular momentum of matter and waves

Effects of the circularly polarized beam of linearized gravitational waves

Teaching and Supervisions


Relativity (Part II Physics)

Relativistic Astrophysics and Cosmology (Part III Physics)

Mathematics (Part IA Physics)

PhD student
 William E. V. Barker

Contact Details

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Room K34
Kavli Institute for Cosmology
Madingley Road
Not available for consultancy