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Graduate Admission Procedures for October 2018 Entry

There are four steps you must take if you wish to apply for graduate study in the Cavendish Astrophysics Group in the Department of Physics:

  1. Consideration of the research areas/topics on offer to establish if they are likely to be of interest to you.
  2. The submission of a formal application to the Board of Graduate Studies for admission as a graduate student in the University of Cambridge in Physics. You may apply in one of two ways online (for which charges are made) or by paper application.  Further details can be found at the Board of Graduate Studies “Prospective Graduate Students” page. You should note that the course code for a PhD  in the Cavendish Astrophysics Group in the Department of Physics is  different from the code associated with a PhD at the Institute of    Astronomy. If you mistakenly apply to the IoA there may be a   significant delay in your application being forwarded to us.
  3. Submission of our own online application.
  4. Interview, usually by Skype (for selected candidates).

Each of these is explained in more detail below.

For a detailed list of deadlines and useful events, please see our Admissions timetable .

Available Project Areas

Each year the Group defines a number of research areas/topics suitable for PhD and MPhil projects, some technical, some observational and some theoretical, in the various areas of research we cover. These areavailable on our website on our graduate research page.

There will be an opportunity early in 2018 to attend an Open Day where you can hear more about the projects on offer, talk to supervisors and students, and generally get a feel of the Group and the research going on here. To register your attendance, please email

Application forms

If you are interested in applying to us you will need to (1) complete and submit a formal application to the University of Cambridge and (2) complete the online Cavendish Astrophysics Group application.

  • The University application can be made in one of two ways, online (for which charges are made) or by paper application. Further details can be found at the Board of Graduate Studies “How to Apply” page. Your application must be completed and submitted to the Board of Graduate Studies as soon as possible; students who are applying for admission in October 2018 should make sure it arrives by 6 December 2017 (for EU and Overseas applicants, and those wishing to apply for funding from University Trusts and for Professor Maiolino's special project in the area of Galaxy Evolution
    (see or by 9 February 2018 (for UK and other applicants).  More specific closing date information for overseas applicants hoping to apply for funding through the University can found on the Board of Graduate Studies web site at their Application and Funding Deadlines page. Please note that you will be asked to send testimonials provided by two academic referees with your completed form.  If you need any assistance in procuring or completing the form, please feel free to contact the Graduate Admissions Office at the Department of Physics who can be contacted at (44)-(0)1223-337420, or by email to
  • Complete the Cavendish Astrophysics online application by the same dates.


Candidates will be contacted by interested supervisors to discuss projects available. This will usually take the form of a Skype interview.