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Cavendish Astrophysics


Cavendish Astrophysics has developed a new website.

Cavendish Astrophysics has developed a new website, more dynamic, with social network content and updated information of our research groups and projects.

These are some of the new features of our new site:

- Twitter. You can find this new feature at the bottom of the column in the right in all pages. Follow us to be updated with our latest news and events.

- Blog. Members of Cavendish Astrophysics will be posting stories in this blog about their personal and professional activities.

- New History section written by Prof. Malcolm Longair. You can find this under the "About us" tab.

- New configuration that makes it easier to find the relevant information for prospective PhD students as well as general public wanting to know more about us. Furthermore our Latest news and Upcoming talks are now news feeds and will be updated automatically in all of our pages (top of the right column).

- An updated research activities page.

- A more visual and dynamic look.