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The Sixth Cambridge (6C) Survey of Radio Sources

The 6C survey covers most of the northern hemisphere above a declination of 30°, but generally away from the Galactic plane, at 151 MHz, with a resolution of 4.2×4.2 cosec(declination) arcmin2 (EW×NS). (Also see the 7C survey at 151 MHz for declinations above 20°, and the 8C survey at 38 MHz for declinations above 60°.)

The published papers contain source lists and images on microfiche. Versions of these papers with the lists and images on paper are available on request from MRAO.

Source lists are available in computer readable form here, or from the ADS, CDS or the SAO catalogue archives. The source lists and images for 6CI-IV are also available on the CD-ROM entitled `Images from the Radio Universe’, available from NRAO.

6C Antennas


Picture: a group of the 6C antennas. (© Mullard Radio Astronomy Observatory, 1995.)

Sally Hales, MRAO, Cambridge, UK