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The Eighth Cambridge (8C) Survey of Radio Sources

The 8C survey covers the northern hemisphere above a declination of 60°, at 38 MHz, with a resolution of 4.5×4.5 cosec(declination) arcmin2 (EW×NS). (Also see the 6C survey at 151 MHz.)

The published survey contains source lists and images on microfiche. Versions of the survey with the lists and images on paper are available on request.

A revised machine-readable source list, with improved source positions and no redundancy is now available here, or from the CDS or SAO catalogue archives.

Please consult and cite the original survey paper by Rees as the primary reference for this survey, with the Hales et al. source list as a supplementary revision – viz refer to: “The revised Rees 38-MHz survey (Rees 1990, catalogue revised Hales et al. 1995).”

8C Antennas


Picture: a group of the 8C antennas, with the smaller CLFST antennas to the right. (© Mullard Radio Astronomy Observatory, 1995.)

Sally Hales, MRAO, Cambridge, UK