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Cavendish Astrophysics


The Astrophysics Group is actively involved in the ALMA project, a submillimetre interferometer being built in northern Chile. As well as hosting the UK’s project scientist, the group is developing phase correction techniques based on the water vapour radiometry method, for more information please visit our dedicated phase calibration pages.

If you are interested in doing research in this area, please visit our Graduate Research Opportunities web pages.





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Latest news

Roberto Maiolino awarded a Royal Society research professorship

1 March 2021

Prof Roberto Maiolino awarded a prestigious Royal Society Research Professorship! From the Royal Society website: "Professor Roberto Maiolino, University of Cambridge - The chemical evolution of galaxies across the cosmic epochs Professor Roberto Maiolino is Professor of Experimental Astrophysics and Director of the Kavli...

3rd Global 21-cm Workshop

16 June 2020

Registration is open!

Nobel Prize in Physics for Didier Queloz

8 October 2019

Nobel Prize in Physics awarded to Prof Didier Queloz from Cavendish Astrophysics