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Cavendish Astrophysics



Who are we?


We are a collaboration of researchers from Cambridge University (Cavendish Astrophysics, KICC and the IoA) and Stellenbosch University. The wider collaboration includes participation from Rhodes University/INAF, Imperial college, AIP, UcL Belgium, Oxford University, University of Malta, University of Groningen and TIFR India. The project is also supported by the NRF/SARAO.


Project participants




- Cambridge University (Cavendish Astrophysics/KICC/IoA):

E. de Lera Acedo (Project Principal Investigator, PRA)

P. Alexander (Prof, head of Battcock centre)

R. Maiolino (Prof, head of KICC)

B. Nikolic (PRA)

W. Handley (Research fellow)

A. Fialkov (Lecturer)

N. Razavi-Ghods (PRA)

Q. Gueuning (Postdoc)

S. Carey (Research assistant) 

D. Anstey (PhD student)

J. Cumner (PhD student)

N. Fagnoni (PhD student)

A. Josaitis (PhD student)

N. Memeletzoglou (visiting PhD student, UC3M)

I. Roque (PhD student)

R. Hills (Prof)

H. Bevins (PhD student)

E. Shen (MPhil student)

K. Scheutwinkel (PhD student)

T. Gessey-Jones (PhD student)

P. Scott (Emeritus)

- Imperial College:

J. Pritchard (Reader)


G. Bernardi (Senior Researcher, also Rhodes)

M. Spinelli (Postdoc)

- Leibniz-Institut für Astrophysik Potsdam (AIP)

E. Puchwein (Faculty)

- McGill University

P. Sims (Research fellow)

- Oxford University:

K. Zarb Adami (PRA, Prof U Malta)

R. Chiello (Postdoc)

- Rhodes University:

O. Smirnov (Prof)

- Stellenbosch University:

D. de Villiers (Project co-PI, Prof)

S. Pegwall (Postdoc)


G. Kulkarni (Reader)

S. Mittal (PhD student)

- UcL Belgium:

C. Craeye (Prof)

J. Cavillot (PhD student)

- University of Groningen:

D. Meerburg (Faculty)

A. Saxena

- University of Malta:

A. Magro (Senior lecturer)

I. Ferhat (postdoc)


* Institutions are sorted in alphabetical order.