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Cavendish Astrophysics

Chemical evolution of galaxies
Resolved and global scaling relations


Chemical evolution of galaxies

Global and resolved scaling relations (i.e. SK, SFMS, MGMS)

Gas-Phase metallicities (MZR and FMR)



SED fitting 

Part of the ALMaQUEST collaboration

Part of the JWST NIRCam GTO team (JADES collaboration)



Key publications: 
  • The Molecular-Gas Main Sequence and Schmidt-Kennicutt relation are fundamental, the Star-Forming Main Sequence is a (useful) byproduct, Baker, William M. Maiolino, Roberto, Belfiore, Francesco,  Bluck, Asa F. L., Curti, Mirko, Wylezalek, Dominika, Bertemes, Caroline, Bothwell, Matt, Lin, Lihwai,  Thorp, Mallory, Pan, Hsi-An, 2022, MNRAS, 2022,
  • The metallicity's fundamental dependence on both local and global quantities, Baker, William M.,  Maiolino, Roberto, Belfiore, Francesco, Curti, Mirko, Bluck, Asa F. L.,  Lin, Lihwai,  Ellison, Sara L.,  Thorp, Mallory, Pan, Hsi-An, 2022, MNRAS,
  • The ALMaQUEST survey IX: the nature of the resolved star forming main sequence, Baker, William M.,  Maiolino, Roberto,  Bluck, Asa F. L.,  Lin, Lihwai,  Ellison, Sara L., Belfiore, Francesco, Pan, Hsi-An,  Thorp, Mallory, 2022, MNRAS, 510, 3622-3628,
Other publications: 

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Teaching and Supervisions


Part II Relativity Supervisions Michaelmas 2020 (three groups)

Part II Relativity supervisions Michaelmas 2021 (two groups)
Part III Formation of Structure in the Universe Lent 2022